Devices ZVUK
for measuring the quality of grinding tools

The company ABRASIV, operating in the abrasives industry for more than 25 years, is
the authorized supplier of unique devices ZVUK, which have been developed and
produced for more than four decades. We deliver these devices ZVUK to the leading
manufacturers of abrasives in Europe, Asia and even America.

Measuring stand for ZVUK 130

  • 2022 generation of the metal stand
  • Quick and easy setting for a perfect fastening of measured products
  • Ideal when often changing products of different sizes
  • 100% Czech Made

ZVUK 130

  • Complete set including measuring stand and SW
  • Measuring quality of even very small products
  • Suitable for all materials including CBN and diamond
  • Cutting wheels without limitation of max. diameter
  • It measures products of various shapes and porosity


  • Portable hand-held device
  • It measures even wheels from ø 250 mm
  • Cup and saucer grinding wheels from ø 50 mm
  • Stone, refractory products, casts, etc.
  • Possibility of connecting to PC

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