Measuring device ZVUK 130

ZVUK 130 is designed for the measuring the quality of grinding tools with a diameter of 3 to 250 mm (with all types of abrasives, bonds and standard structures), cutting wheels which are both reinforced and unreinforced. It can be used for products of various shapes and density - from porous up to high density products, including synthetic diamond, CBN or powder metallurgy.

The measuring set includes:

  • Electronic device ZVUK 130
  • Measuring stand with 2 piezoelectric sensors
  • Software for analysing the natural frequency of oscillations
  • Instruction manual

Price: EUR 10,500

Zvuk 130
  • Description of device

    Method of measuring

    The device uses a resonance method (method of forced vibration), based on the measurement of the products´ natural frequency of oscillation. For the purpose of analysis, it applies mathematical relations between the measured frequency and the physical-mechanical properties of the material (hardness, porosity, density, strength, etc.). The supplied software allows the processing of obtained data and getting the final results such as the natural frequency of oscillations, the sound velocity, Young's modulus, hardness, etc..

    Zvuk 130

    The complete device

    The electronic measuring device ZVUK 130 functions in a configuration with a special measuring stand with piezoelectric contacts (to which the measured products are clamped) and with a PC or a laptop with the appropriate software for storing and processing data.

    Measurement procedure

    1. Connecting the device ZVUK 130, the measuring stand and a PC.

    2. Setting the basic parameters of the measured products, the program will then recommend a position for clamping them.

    3. Clamping the product between the piezoelectric contacts of the stand.
    4. The start of measuring – the process runs within seconds.
    5. Storing the obtained data, you can even add your own notes.
    6. Export of the obtained data for further processing.


  • Technical parameters

    ZVUK 130

    Dimensions 200 x 99 x 63 mm
    Weight 360 g
    Range of frequency measuring 0.5 – 500 kHz
    Requrements for OS Windows 7, 8, 10

    Measuring stand

    Dimensions 150 x 220 x 485 mm
    Weight 7.8 kg

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