Measuring device ZVUK 203M

ZVUK 203M is a lightweight hand-held device designed to measure the quality of grinding tools - even wheels with ceramic, resin or rubber bond with a diameter of min. 250 mm, cup grinding and straight grinding wheels with a diameter of min. 50 mm, shaped wheels (recessed, profiled and others), stone, etc. The actual measuring is very fast. ZVUK 203M is also used in other fields, e.g. in the production of refractory products or casts.

The delivery includes:

  • Electronic device ZVUK 203M
  • Power pack
  • Software for connecting PC and data storage
  • Instruction manual

Price: EUR 8,500

Zvuk 203M
  • Description of device

    Method of measuring

    The device uses a method of forced vibration, based on the measurement of the products´ natural frequency of oscillation. For the purpose of analysis, it applies mathematical relations between the measured frequency and the physical-mechanical properties of the material (hardness, porosity, density, strength, etc.). The supplied software allows the processing of obtained data and getting the final results such as the natural frequency of oscillations, the sound velocity, Young's modulus, hardness, etc.

    Zvuk 203M

    The device

    Electronic measuring device ZVUK 203M operates independently. The actual measuring takes place via an integrated or external microphone or, alternatively, using a special piezoelectric measuring contact (especially with products of high attenuation of the signal). To start the measuring of the product, it is necessary to trigger oscillating movements by a gentle hammer blow. The device will automatically search the product´s natural frequency of vibration. The measurement results will be displayed on the device´s display (or, in case of PC connection, on its monitor). The memory stores only the last measurement. If you need to store more data for further processing, it is necessary to connect ZVUK 203M to a PC.

    Zvuk 203M

    Measurement procedure

    1. After switching on the device, use the buttons to enter the default parameters which are necessary for evaluating the measurement results:
      • Total measurement time [ms]
      • Delay in receiving and evaluating the signal [ms]
      • Coefficient of the product´s shape
      • Type of bond
      • Type of the basic material (for vitrified products)
      • Specific weight or dimensions and weight
      • The appropriate frequency range, where the device will search an optimized natural frequency of oscillations in the measured product
    2. The measured product must be placed on a suitable surface which will not muffle the forced vibrations.
    3. During the measuring process, the device must be held at a minimum distance from the product, and in a suitable position with the microphone in its direction.
    4. By a gentle hammer blow on the measured product, oscillating movements will be triggered.
    5. The device will do the measuring in a matter of seconds and the result will be shown on the display.
    6. If we need to store more measured results for further processing, it is necessary to connect the device to a PC.
  • Technical parameters

    ZVUK 203M

    Dimensions 211 x 99 x 46 mm
    Weight 371 g
    Range of frequency measuring 22 – 17000 Hz
    Batteries (rechargeable) 3x AA (not included)
    Battery life 8 hours
    Requirements for OS (when connected to a PC) Windows 7, 8, 10


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